About Us

  • Here’s a little about us.

    Laura’s cleaning services is a family run business.  We take great pride in our work, cleaning really is a passion for us!

    I am Laura I live here in Wirral.  I moved to Wirral in 2012 when I got married. I lived in Willaston then moved to Little Sutton and now live in north Wirral.  Things I like to do is visit West Kirby Hoylake and New Brighton.  My husband James has been a Window Cleaner in Wirral since 2010.  He covers all areas of the Wirral with his brother Mark from Moreton West Kirby Caldy and Bebington.

    I provide cleaning services for your home.  I realise today that your busy and aim to save your time by cleaning your home. I aim to provide a high standard at affordable prices.  No cutting corners, we guarantee a fantastic service.

    The areas I cover are Wirral and Chester.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services.

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